D and J, Sellers- Bedford

"many thanks for doing a GREAT job in selling our house so quickly and efficiently! With Gratitude,

Susanna, seller- Chelmsford

"thanks for everything! You have made this process very easy!"

Banker and Tradesmen Article By Aglaia Pikounis

With a little more than a year’s worth of real estate experience under her belt, Suzanne Schmuhl has already managed to wow her colleagues and clients.

Banker and Tradesmen Article By Aglaia Pikounis

In her first year in the real estate business, the 24-year-old has handled about 25 real estate transactions worth more than $5 million. That accomplishment is one of the reasons Schmuhl will receive the Northeast Association of Realtors’ Rookie of the Year award at a recognition gala June 13 – a pretty good start to a new career for a woman who not so long ago was convinced she wanted to own and manage her own restaurant.

Banker and Tradesmen Article By Aglaia Pikounis

“It’s such a stressful time for people that I think if they have one person that they can really trust and help them through the whole thing, it would just make the difference. And they’re going to walk away really feeling good about it and not feeling like they were forced into something,” Schmuhl said.

Kirk, Current Buyer

"It's nice to know I have someone out there that has my interest at mind (instead of my wallet). Nothing frosts a purchase faster then feeling like you are being pushed (You DON'T do that which is awsome). There are many in your field who are looking for their white whale, and lose sight that it's the small accounts that will keep you going in the down times. I know we have spoken about your approach (which is refreshing), but it is nice to know that you have my interest at heart- it makes it alot easier at closing time to sign that check to you knowing that you were in my corner."

Brian, Seller

I also wanted to thank you again for doing such a good job of making things go smoothly with this sale. I love doing business with people who cover all of their bases. All in all a great experience and I am always one to remember that. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope to keep in touch with you!


"I was very impressed with your professionalism. You promote a very friendly and easy going atmosphere, which is a nice change!"

T and M, sellers- Bedford

The marketing materials Suzanne used really made our house look amazing!! We appreciated her help and persistance through the entire process,,,from guiding us on how to get the house ready for show to negotiating on the offer, we felt at ease having her in our corner!!